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Sunday, 7 January 2018


  1. ·         The ore passes are unlined ,located in country rock
  2. ·         When they located in back fill ,they are constructed with square or hexagonal wood crib reinforced with
  3. ·         angle iron wear plates or of round steel liner plate
  4. ·         In some mines lined ore passes with steel fiber reinforced shot crete, they are holding up very well
  5. ·         The choice of lining depend upon
  6. ·                Type of rock
  7. ·                Length of ore pass
  8. ·                Estimated tonnage will flow through ore pass
  9. ·         Short unlined ore passes 30m or less in length,
  10. ·         In hard tough country rock ,properly stand up under constant passage of ore
  11. ·         The bottom of the ore pass in haulage level contains loading chute lined with steel plate equipped with pneumatically operated gate
  12. ·         The ore loaded in to trucks or trains 3-12 ore cars
  13. ·         The mine cars dumped at main ore pass which usually located at haulage shaft
  14. ·         The ore bins and main haulage drives are not provided at every level
  15. ·         Ore passes are necessary down which the broken ore can gravitates from the non hoisting levels above
  16. ·         If the dip of the ore body is greater than 45° ordinary raise winze connections may be employed for ore pass for transferring the ore With lower dips, to drive a special pass which have sufficient slope, with cross cuts leading to them.
  17. ·         Instead of using loading chute the ore may be dropped in large area beneath the ore pass
  18. ·         The ore is then loaded in to ore cars or trucks using LHD unit or Over shot loader
  19. ·         The ore may be hauled directly to the main ore pass by a Load haul dumper

  1. ·         Main purpose of ore pass is used to transfer the ore from one level to other by gravity alone
  2. ·         To feed the ore bin provided at lower most level

  1. 1.       BASED ON LENGTH
  2. 1.                Short ore passes
  3. 1.                Long ore passes
  4. 2.       BASED ON LINING
  5. 2.                Un lined ore passes
  6. 2.                Lined ore passes
  7. 3.       BASED ON USE
  8. 3.                To pass the ore
  9. 3.                To passes the waste rock

  1. 1.       Located in ore
  2. 2.       Located in country rock
  3. 3.       Located near the ore bin to feed the bin